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No matter what beard you wear, the right beard care is important for a well-groomed look. In this guide you will find out everything you need to know for perfect beard care. In addition to instructions, you will find recommended products and beard care products.

Not every beard care product that is now offered for the modern beard wearer is really necessary. The number of products and means for daily beard care depends on which beard style you wear.

Basically, one can say: the longer your beard, the more important beard care products are for a well-groomed look. Every beard wearer needs the basics such as beard trimmers, bar oil or aftershave, regardless of whether they have a 3-day beard, a mustache or a full beard.

The longer your beard, the more important beard care products are!

Proper beard care not only shows off your beard better, you also prevent dandruff in the beard or you can soften hard beard hair.

Beard care kit

Beard care – basics for every beard type

To maintain and style a full beard, you need more time and care products than a 3-day beard. Regardless of your beard style, the following products are the basics for a well-groomed beard. 

Beard Trimmer

Whether a 3-day beard or a slightly longer beard, a beard trimmer is essential for every beard wearer. With the beard trimmer you can trim your beard to the desired length, thin out the beard and pre-cut the beard contours on the neck and cheeks.

Especially if you wear a 3-day beard, a beard trimmer is a huge relief to shorten your beard to the desired length, as there are matching attachments.

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Finding a good beard trimmer for long beards is much more difficult. Since the supplied attachments are not sufficient for trimming and trimming a long beard, you usually have to work freely. That is why the beard trimmer must work precisely and have particularly sharp blades. Here, high-quality professional beard trimmers such as the Panasonic ER-1611 have clear advantages over cheaper models.

For particularly clean beard contours like those used by a professional / barber, you use a contour trimmer, so to speak a precision beard trimmer. This is smaller than a normal beard trimmer, but you can shave the contours cleaner.

Beard Brush

Daily beard care with a beard brush is essential for every beard wearer. On the one hand, you bring your beard into the right shape with a beard brush and at the same time your facial skin is lightly massaged. This promotes blood circulation and gently removes old flakes of skin. You should definitely avoid brushing wet whiskers.

High-quality beard brushes have natural boar bristles and a wooden handle. Beard wearers in particular shouldn’t do without beard care with the beard brush, but it can also be used to care for the beard hair for shorter beards.

Beard Wax OR Beard Balm

Beard wax is the right choice for you if you want to twirl your mustache and keep it in shape. It is a little harder than beard wax or beard balm and therefore not recommended for full beards.

You need beard wax to shape full beards and unruly, sturdy beard hair. It’s a little softer than beard wax and is also sold as a beard pomade.

If you have smooth and less stubborn beard hair, then beard balm is just right for your beard. With beard balm, the care of the beard hair and not the beard styling is in the foreground. It is also ideal for getting a grip on an itchy beard.

Safety Razor OR Straight Razor

For clean beard contours, it’s best to use a safety razor. Professionals use their razors for this. It is best to first roughly shape your contours with a trimmer and then the safety razor or razor comes for the subtleties.

Since we don’t like plastic, we only recommend stainless steel razors. The Merkur 34c in particular , a classic safety razor made of chrome-plated stainless steel, can be a long-term companion if properly cared for.

Shaving Soap, Shaving Foam, or Shaving Gel

Shaving soap, shaving foam or shaving gel are preshave products that are used before shaving. They are necessary for a shave that is as gentle on the skin as possible. Preshave products soften your whiskers and make them straighten up. This allows them to be cut deeper with a razor.

For wet shaving or clean beard contours on the neck and cheek, a shaving gel, shaving foam or shaving soap is advisable, depending on personal preference.

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Shaving soap is the classic for wet shaving and has gained popularity again in recent years thanks to the numerous barber shops. The shaving soap must be mixed before use and then applied to the skin with a shaving brush.

Shaving gel, shaving foam or shaving cream is ready to use faster because it does not have to be mixed with water before use.


Aftershave and aftershave are used after shaving to prevent razor burn and skin irritation. It cares for the stressed skin and ensures that it can regenerate better. Depending on which ingredients are contained in the aftershave, it is antibacterial, moisturizing and healing.

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Classic aftershave contains alcohol and perfume, but if you have sensitive skin, it is better to choose aftershave without alcohol.

Tip: Beard Care Set

A beard grooming set is an ideal gift for those who wear beards. Depending on the beard style, there are different utensils that should be included in the beard care set. A beard care set is ideal for beginners in particular. It contains the most important utensils for beard care.

Beard Care Products For Full Beards

Much more beard care products are required to care for a full beard than for other beard styles.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is a must-have for every beard wearer. With the beard comb you can untangle your whiskers and loosen knots. The thicker and more robust your beard hair, the more space there should be between the individual prongs on the beard comb.

Please make sure your beard hair is dry before combing it. Wet beard hair should not be worked on with a beard brush or a beard comb. It is also important that you clean your beard comb regularly so that no dirt or talc residue builds up there. With the beard comb, you can do this easily with your hand.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is designed for daily beard care. With beard oil you care for dry beard hair and the skin underneath. As a rule, beard oil consists of a composition of different oils. A carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil serves as the basis. To do this, various essential oils and fragrances are mixed. There is of course also bar oil that does not contain any fragrances.

Since beard oil does not mix well with water, you should make sure that your beard is dry when using it. To use it, simply distribute a few drops of beard oil in your palms and then massage the oil into your beard.

Beard Shampoo

Beard shampoo is used for daily beard washing. It ensures that dirt, old skin particles, beard flakes and sebum deposits are released from your beard hair and can be washed out. Beard shampoo was specially developed for thick and firm beard hair.

When buying, you should make sure that the beard shampoo is free from silicone, paraffins and synthetic fragrances and dyes. The beard shampoo ” OAK BEARD WASH ” , for example, meets these criteria.

Beard Scissors

For beard wearers, beard scissors are a good tool to trim the beard and remove protruding whiskers. This makes beard scissors a very useful alternative to electric beard trimmers, even if it takes a lot longer to trim the beard with a heavy weight.

In addition to the low purchase price, beard scissors have the advantage over beard trimmers that significantly less beard hair is removed in the event of a wrong cut.

When buying, make sure that you choose high-quality beard scissors made of stainless steel.

Beard Straightener

Beard straighteners or beard straightening irons make the styling of very frizzy and wavy full beards particularly easy. A beard straightener looks like a beard brush with a power cord and works similarly to a straightener for long hair: The beard straightener heats up to a temperature between 120 to 200 degrees within a short time. The heat can then straighten and shape curly and frizzy hair.

When buying a beard straightener, it is important that there is an integrated heat protection that protects your beard hair from excessively high temperatures.

Beard Stencil

With a beard stencil, you can shave clean and even contours on your cheek and neck. Especially for beginners, a beard template can be useful as a shaving aid to get a clean line. Alternatively, you can simply use the straight side of your beard comb as a guide for the contours. If you want to buy a beard stencil, it is best to use one made of stainless steel.


A hair dryer is very helpful for a full beard to smooth it out and bring it into shape. In addition to a hair dryer, you also need beard balm and a beard comb. First of all, your beard should be as dry as possible. Here you shouldn’t work with too much heat in order not to damage the beard hair. It’s best to use cold air or the medium level.

After your beard is dry, you can massage some beard oil or beard balm into your beard and use a comb to spread it over your beard.

Beard care instructions

You have all the products for your beard together and now want to know the correct beard care sequence? Great, then watch out! We have put together a step by step guide for perfect beard care:

  1. Wash your beard well with beard shampoo.
  2. Dry your beard with a cold air blower.
  3. Massage in beard oil
  4. Brush and comb your beard.
  5. Style your beard with beard balm

First of all, you should wash your beard thoroughly to loosen dirt, dust and old skin particles from the beard. For washing your beard, a special beard shampoo is ideal instead of a normal shampoo, as it does not dry out the beard hair as much.

After washing, you need to dry your beard. You can use a cold air blower and a towel to do this. Make sure that you only pat your beard dry with a towel and do not rub it dry. Rubbing with the towel can knot the whiskers and become very frizzy. Therefore it is better to just dab a beard.

When your beard is dry it goes on. Next, you can massage some beard oil into your beard. With a beard comb or a beard brush, you can distribute the oil better in the beard.

You can then use beard balm or beard pomade to style your beard. If you have very frizzy and unruly beard hair, you can use a hair dryer or a beard straightener again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions about beard care. If you have another question, please feel free to leave a comment and we will try to help you.

What Do You Need For Beard Care?

What beard care is essential?

  • Beard trimmer
  • Beard brush
  • Beard wax
  • Safety razor
  • Shaving soap
  • Aftershave
  • Beard comb
  • Beard oil
  • Beard shampoo
  • Beard scissors

Then there are a few optional beard care products such as beard dyes, beard growth agents, beard stencils, contour trimmers and beard straighteners.

If you are unhappy with the color of your beard, you can use beard dye to bring it the color you want. Gaps in the beard can also be less noticeable with beard dye, as your beard hair looks thicker after dyeing.

Beard growth remedies can help with little beard growth. Here, however, it is first important to find the causes, as numerous means are offered to increase beard growth and some of them are also very expensive.

Which Home Remedies Can Be Used for Beard Care?

There are some tips about beard grooming home remedies circulating on the internet. Coconut oil or argan oil is definitely an alternative in an emergency. But if you don’t want to smear honey, egg, chamomile tea or olive oil on your beard, you can simply use a high-quality beard oil from the trade.

What Beard Care Can I Do Myself?

If you’d like to make your own beard care products, it’s best to start with beard oil. To do this, you need a small bottle for filling, a carrier oil and an essential oil for the scent note.

The carrier oil is the main component of beard oil. For example, almond oil or jojoba oil are ideal. You can use orange oil or argan oil as a fragrance.

How Can I Increase My Beard Growth?

In order to increase your beard growth in a targeted manner, you should first find out the cause of your beard growth problems. If you know the cause, you can try to increase your beard growth with beard growth agents or natural testosterone boosters.



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